FCM Market successfully applies the advanced information technologies

When developing automated trading strategies, FCM Market successfully applies advanced information and financial technologies, including "Deep Learning" (based on "Big Data"), "Genetic Algorithms", fundamental and technical analysis of financial markets, modern programming languages and the most effective software development tools.

Our technologies
"Deep Learning" of neural networks based on "Big Data»

When building modern high-tech automated trading systems, FCM Market actively uses artificial intelligence technologies, and, above all, "Deep Learning" of neural networks based on "Big Data". In order to create a successful trading strategy, our software analyzes tens of thousands of real transactions in the financial markets, in order to identify signs leading to maximum profit. The multi-factor analytical model includes such indicators as a market phase, a current trend, time of day, a day of the week, technical and macroeconomic indicators, as well as hundreds of other important indicators.

Our technologies
Technical, fundamental and statistical analysis

In order to improve the quality and effectiveness of transactions carried out by the automated trading systems of FCM Market, along with the artificial intelligence technologies, traditional methods of analysis of financial markets are used, namely: fundamental, technical and statistical analysis. The operation of all automated trading systems is carried out under the constant supervision of our specialists: analysts and traders of financial markets. This provides FCM Market investors with guarantees of the capital protection in case of any changes in market conditions.

Our technologies
Genetic algorithms

To continuously optimize the profitability of existing automated trading systems, FCM Market uses "Genetic Algorithms", which choose the most effective neural networks, that is, networks providing the formation of the most profitable transactions, out of dozens of options of trained neural networks. Thus, those trading strategies that we offer to investors are complex, self-improving systems that are transformed in accordance with changes in the economic activity and dynamics of the financial markets for which they are intended.

Our technologies
Effective development tools

FCM Market specialists in the development of automated trading systems use the most advanced and effective development tools, including modern programming languages and successfully proven frameworks for the construction and training of neural networks. Key chunks of code that require the highest performance are developed and debugged separately, which provides high rates of data processing under any load.

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What is the source of income for FCM Market?

FCM Market has three main sources of income.

The first one is — development and promotion of investment and trading strategies for trading in financial markets. FCM Market develops and promotes investment and trading strategies which automatically (or semi-automatically: under the vigilant control of our traders and analysts) carry out trading operations in financial markets (including commodity futures, gold, oil, stock and currency markets). The proposed trading strategies provide a stable and high yield over a long period of time. A significant part of this return is used for payment of investment income to the company’s investors and the remaining part of it — is used for the formation of FCM Market’s own investment fund and income.

The second one is — consulting and related services: training and technical support for professionals and users.

The third one is — providing a wide range of users with a service (user-friendly interface) to manage their own investments on the basis of investment and trading strategies of their own development.

Where can I familiarize myself with the documents governing the relationship between the company and the client (the company and the partner)?

Documents governing (regulating) relations between the company and the client (the company and the partner) are available in the personal account. You can also familiarize yourself with the relevant documents when registering your personal account (next to the check mark confirming your consent to the terms of service).  

What is the level of your website protection from DDOS and hacker attacks?

FCM Market’s corporate website is hosted in a reliable data center with a powerful certified system of protection against DDoS attacks and is resistant to hacking due to the use of modern protection methods. Clients' personal data is transmitted via reliable and trustworthy (encrypted) communication channels. This ensures that it is not available to any third parties. However, we would like to warn you that although we are currently unaware of the existence of any so-called “phishing” websites, we cannot guarantee that they will not appear in the future. Therefore, please be careful and make sure that the address bar of your browser contains the correct URL of FCM Market’s corporate website, namely: http://www.fcm-market.com.