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Golden Gates

ver. 3.1.5

Gold and precious metals are highly valued since ancient times, and oil in the modern world is the basis of world energy. For this reason, "metal" and "raw material" financial assets were chosen for "Golden Gates" strategy. This strategy provides significant profits with high stability, combining the best qualities of a moderate approach with the perfect risk management rules. Among all the strategies of FCM Market, "Golden Gates" is optimal in terms of profitability and risk.

3.00% per week
Generates revenue from
Sep 2017

The core of " Golden Gates" strategy is an intelligent system of analysis of current trends in the market of precious metals and raw materials. With its help, this strategy determines the direction of the prevailing trend, and, depending on this, carries out trading operations in such a way that they correspond to real market conditions. This allows earning both on the increase in the value of assets and on the decline in prices by opening the corresponding "short" positions.

"Golden Gates" strategy uses successfully the advantages of margin trading with credit leverage and has a high stability. It was developed by the leading specialists of FCM Market using advanced techniques of financial engineering, proven to be a good advantage.

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