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FCM Market offers a high-tech proprietary trading platform. Our platform is the highest speed of transactions, reliable data protection and perfect technologies.

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Advanced technologies using artificial intelligence algorithms are used in the development of investment strategies.

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The team of developers of FCM Market is constantly working to improve the products offered to Investors

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The operation of automated trading systems in FCM Market is always under the strict control of our analysts

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All trading transactions carried out by FCM Market investment strategies are 100% transparent and available for users' check in real time. You can see them in the trading platform.

Profitable strategies

FCM Market offers several profitable strategies that can meet the most diverse investment objectives. Our strategies are stable, reliable in the long term and provide a high income.

Unique developments

We offer our users only unique, proprietory (author's) developments, the advantages of which provide investors with stable and high dividends on the invested funds.

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"Money Maker LR" strategy is intended for investors who, as their main task, choose, first of all, the protection of the investment capital from market risks. LR means “low risk”. It allows drawing out profitability on commodity futures with a high stability in various market conditions, including growth, decline or in a tranquil market by distributing and therefore reducing risks by industries.


"Prime Invest" strategy is based on investments in the most reliable, stable and sustainable American companies that control a large share of the industry market. Among the "star names" are: Boeing Company, Bank Of America Corporation, Microsoft, IBM Corporation, Visa, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and others. Income is provided both through speculative trading and through dividends. The strategy is attractive for investors who want to strengthen their positions.


Gold and precious metals are highly valued since ancient times, and oil in the modern world is the basis of world energy. For this reason, "metal" and "raw material" financial assets were chosen for "Golden Gates" strategy. This strategy provides significant profits with high stability, combining the best qualities of a moderate approach with the perfect risk management rules. Among all the strategies of FCM Market, "Golden Gates" is optimal in terms of profitability and risk.


This modification of "Golden Gates" strategy provides an increased level of profit with high stability, so that "Plus" was added to the name of the strategy . Investments are made in a slightly smaller volume, but with a higher frequency, which makes the trading results more predictable, and eliminates the possibility of significant risks when trading raw materials assets. Traditionally, high liquidity of raw materials provides the best conditions for investment.


Platinum King is a strategy among the premium trading strategies of FCM Market. It is highly profitable due to the use of an aggressive component in the form of high-frequency financial speculative transactions. Platinum King operates with all kinds of financial markets, but it uses only the most highly liquid financial instruments for each of them. Due to the large number of individual transactions, the overall steady growth of investment capital is provided.


White Star Prime premium strategy provides the highest profitability in a tranquil market, which makes it a real "prima" among all the strategies of FCM Market. Mathematically verified algorithms made with the use of the advanced technologies of statistical and technical analysis, allow obtaininng the highest profitability through the use of short-term and medium-term transactions with the most liquid financial assets.

Trading platform

Investment operations on all strategies are carried out on a modern proprietary trading platform

It meets all the requirements for trading platforms for financial markets and allows transactions in the markets of currencies, stocks, raw materials, commodity futures and cryptocurrencies. Our trading platform provides the highest execution speed of transactions, user-friendly interface and transparent reporting on all transactions in real time. FCM Market works with reliable suppliers of quotes and liquidity, so that users of the trading platform can always be sure of the accuracy, relevance and completeness of the financial data supplied.

Our technologies

Various types of investment and financial analysis are used in biulding of trading strategies, including fundamental, technical and statistical analysis, Elliott's Wave Theory, analysis of the dynamics of macroeconomic and industry indicators based on leading indicators, analysis of the news background, and others. Before offering our trading strategies to investors, all of them undergo thorough and comprehensive testing for a long time.

Our technologies
Artificial intelligence

In the development of automated trading systems that implement their own investment strategies, the most advanced technologies using artificial intelligence are used: deep neural networks made according to modern efficient architectures with feedback ("Deep Learning"), adaptive and genetic algorithms, and others. Due to this, FCM Market trading systems are capable of self-improvement and sustainable operation in any market environment.

Our technologies
Our methods

In order to provide the highest reliability of the trading strategies of FCM Market, we use a wide range of techniques of financial trading, from arbitrage and scalping, and to long-term positional investment. To determine the exact volume of each transaction, adaptive capital management methods based on the optimal ϕ ("Fi") formula are used. Two-level risk control (under the control of the company's analysts) allows you to be confident in the effective protection of the investors ' funds.

Our technologies

FCM Mark places its software only in reliable data centers on modern dedicated servers running Windows Server and Linux operating systems. Critical data is stored in RAID arrays with duplication, and important personal data of users is transmitted through reliable channels using cryptographic encryption algorithms. In its totality, the applied technological methods allow providing a stable operation of the entire system for 24 hours a day.


FCM Market strives for providing users with up-to-date information on key issues

Therefore, we regularly conduct interactive training web conferences, during which our specialists reveal the key opportunities provided by the company to investors and partners. Information is presented in plain language understandable to the general public users (no special training is required). You can get current information about the time of the next webinar from the company's news


FCM Market provides partners with favorable conditions for building their own respectable business in the financial sector with career prospects

FCM Market affiliate program comprises a high level of partner rewards and full marketing and information support in all areas. Successful partners are provided with additional funding to establish an office (representative office) of the company in the target operation area, as well as a number of special offers

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Risk diversification
High yield
Technical support
Own platform
Accurate quotes
Transparent reporting
Real-time access
Reliable technologies
We are asked
We are answering
What does FCM stand for?

The Abbreviation FCM stands for «Finance, Consulting, Management» and summarizes key expert competencies, as well as the objective and the main areas of activity of FCM Market. We provide comfortable opportunities for creating stable high return investments generated by trading (investment and speculative) operations in financial markets (including commodity futures, gold, oil, stock and currency markets), as well as provide related consulting and investment management services. The company's specialists have got long-term experience and all the necessary skills confirmed by numerous diplomas and awards. Thus, FCM Market is ready to provide service of uncompromising level and highest quality.

In which countries is the company officially represented? Where does it have its offices?

FCM Market operates in more than 12 countries and is dynamically expanding its presence endeavoring to break into the broadest possible markets. Currently, the countries where investors and partners are extensively served include Germany, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus, etc.

Partner offices are opened in many regions. You can contact your information sponsor to find out contact details of your nearest partner representative office.

How long does the company expect to exist?

FCM Market counts on systematic progressive development of its business for many years. The level of service that we provide due to modern technology is in demand in the market and the client base is steadily growing. Therefore, the company has a lot of good reasons to develop business, to expand the spheres of influence and to win the markets of more and more countries.

Where can I read the company news?

The latest company news is available on the “Company News” page. Registered users also receive newsletters to their e-mail addresses specified during registration.

How do I contact technical support?

To contact technical support staff, you can use contact details published on the “Contact Us” page or directly contact Live Chat on the corporate website. FCM Market technical support staff will be happy to answer any of your questions.

What is the level of your website protection from DDOS and hacker attacks?

FCM Market’s corporate website is hosted in a reliable data center with a powerful certified system of protection against DDoS attacks and is resistant to hacking due to the use of modern protection methods. Clients' personal data is transmitted via reliable and trustworthy (encrypted) communication channels. This ensures that it is not available to any third parties. However, we would like to warn you that although we are currently unaware of the existence of any so-called “phishing” websites, we cannot guarantee that they will not appear in the future. Therefore, please be careful and make sure that the address bar of your browser contains the correct URL of FCM Market’s corporate website, namely: